Jury Process

Tamarack is looking for the Best of West Virginia! Every item sold in the Tamarack Marketplace facility is approved through a jury process. Only West Virginia residents are eligible to place any products in Tamarack Marketplace for sale.

Fine Art & Craft product is critiqued by a panel of Master Craftspeople and Artists who look for outstanding craftsmanship, unique design, creativity, and use of materials that are of exceptional quality. Each artist’s work is evaluated and critiqued by a panel of jurors who excel within their specific media type. Submitting images of your work for critique will determine whether you will attend an in-person jury session. Evaluation for acceptance into Tamarack occurs at the in-person jury.

If accepted, your work will be placed into the Tamarack System for possible purchase.

We Seek Unique Work!

The following is a descriptive list of work sold at Tamarack:

  • General Craft: Product lines produced in quantities that are available for purchase at a wholesale price, including, but not limited to: textiles, glass, jewelry, pottery, baskets, seasonal items, dried flowers, and wood.
  • One of a Kind/Fine Craft: Craft in any medium that is produced in limited quantities due to uniqueness, difficulty in producing, overall high quality, or by the artists’ choice to limit availability.
  • Sculpture: Sculpture produced in any medium such as stone, metal, wood, glass, and mixed medium.
  • Mixed Media: Craft that is produced using two or more mediums.
  • Digital Media: Any digital based fine art or graphics.
  • Painting: Original paintings produced in oil, water color, acrylic, designers’ guash, or mixed medium.
  • Drawing: Original art created in pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, pastel, markers, or mixed medium.
  • Print Making: Original engravings, lithographs, etchings, serigraphs, block printing.
  • Photography: Digital or film based photography.

Upcoming Jury Sessions

June 3, 2023
August 26, 2023
October 28, 2023
December 2, 2023

Submitting Non-Artwork to Tamarack

Tamarack is the best of West Virginia, along with that comes many different avenues of expression. If you would like to submit, please follow the guidelines below.

  • Books Printed materials pursuant to our mission of providing opportunities for West Virginia authors and publishers. West Virginia content is required.
  • Music & Recordings Media pursuant to our mission of providing opportunities for West Virginia writers, performers and musicians. Single Artist – Current WV resident or WV native. Groups – 50% of members must be current WV residents or WV natives.
  • Calendars Must contain West Virginia content.
  • DVDs Must contain West Virginia content.
  • Specialty Foods & Beverages Product must meet the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s criteria. Must be a made, processed or produced in West Virginia or must be a 50% value-added producer that is headquartered in the state and contributes to the West Virginia economy through its employment, manufacturing, packaging, purchasing, marketing and the conducting business within the state. It must be processed in an approved FDA facility.
  • Bath & Body ProductsProduct must meet the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s criteria. Producers, whether a single person and/or a company, must be current residents of the state of West Virginia. Products must be processed & produced in West Virginia.

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