Jury Guidelines for Books, Calendars, Magazines, & Recordings

All items sold at Tamarack goes through a review process before it is considered for sale at Tamarack. To submit your work, please find the links below for Criteria and Application for each media. Please read the criteria very carefully. It is your decision to submit.


Please note, just because your book is accepted for review, it does not mean that it will be “ACCEPTED” for sale in Tamarack.

If you already know your book has typos or grammatical errors, please do not submit it for review.

Tamarack receives a large number of self-published fiction, memoirs/ autobiographies, and inspirational/spiritual/self-help books to be reviewed for sale. Limited floor space at Tamarack dictates that purchasing trends and past buying patterns play a very important role in our buying decisions. If selected for sale at Tamarack a small quantity purchase may be necessary to test demand for the product. Expect the review process for the afore mentioned categories to be especially rigorous. Further, please note that unless the subject is famous, memoirs usually do not sell well to our clientele, which is primarily the traveling public.


Please note Music submissions must meet the following criteria: Single Artist must be a current West Virginia resident or a West Virginia native. Groups – 50% of members must be current West Virginia residents or West Virginia Natives.

DVDs & Calendars

DVDs and Calendars are accepted continuously throughout the year with the sole criteria: Must contain West Virginia content.

Please review the criteria thoroughly and completely. If you meet the criteria, please complete the application and mail to:

Mandy Lash | Artisan Services
TAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia
1 Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801

You will be notified by letter of the panels’ decision.

Please note: Your submission will not be returned and will not be juried if the required paperwork and information is not included.

Submitting to Tamarack

Tamarack is the best of West Virginia, along with that comes many different avenues of expression. If you would like to submit, please follow the guidelines below.

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