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Open Air Gallery

Open Air Gallery

Michael Sizmore

Dancing Kachina

Dancing Kachina is an abstract steel sculpture influenced by the artist’s many years travelling the high deserts of New Mexico and his interest in the artforms of the pueblos of that area. 6’4” h x 32” w


Beacon V

Beacon V (5) is a mixed metal woven wire piece This sculpture is from a series created by the artist that consists of eleven sculptures. They start as dreams and are given life using metals. The artist designed and built a machine that spins these sculptures so that the wires could be applied. 6’7” h x 27” w


Nik Botkin


Artist: Nik Botkin

An armature of steel pipe was welded together in the form of a branching tree and then small pieces of 16 gauge mild steel sheet were cut out and bent to fit and welded on as bark individually. 9.5’ H x 17’ W x 10.5’ D


Zac Orcutt

Reaching for the Sky

Bronze and steel 8’ 5” H x 19” W x 5” D



Bronze and steel 8’ 4” H x 17” W x 5” D


Michael Loop

Ratchet & Pawl 

Mild steel and enamel paint 120” H x 48” W x 48” D


Mark Blumenstein

The Big One 

Recycled material 9’ H x 8’ W x 4’ D


Nathan Tweeddale

Beginning of Man

Hand formed steel 9’ H x 3’ W x 2” D


Mark Schwenk


Cooperation is made from steel pipe, each X-shaped section represents a person, it is welded, bent and shaped individually then posed and assembled with the others to create a sense of interrelated people, all cooperating to achieve a common goal. 9’ H x 6’ W


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