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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Critters & Hollers:
Art Celebrating the Beauty of Appalachia

Exhibition Run: January 11 - February 23, 2020
Work Pick Up Deadline: February 29, 2020

The flora and fauna of a place are, simply put, its plants and animals, or even more simply put:  its critters and hollers! Both are very important part of our ecosystem and environment and both are themes that have been celebrated in art for centuries. The wildlife of a region can tell its outsiders so much about, not only the physical landscape, but of the people that live there. Tamarack’s David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery invites you to celebrate the wild and wonderful plants and animals that reside in our never-ending mountains. From our beautiful rhododendrons to the prehistoric hellbender salamander that resides in our cold, clear, creeks and streams, we can’t wait to see your interpretation of the abundant critters and hollers of Appalachia.

Featured Artists:

Paul R. Adkins
Kathryn W. Boland
Lynsi Boyd
Cindy Caroline
Frank Ceravalo
Karen Chamblin
Linda K. Clifford
Kilsong Cox
T. Paige Dalporto
Joseph Dangerfield
Stephanie Dulaney
Ann Gilligan Elmore
M. Jane Holt Emmons
Brian Fencl
Sharon Dennis Fuerst
Tonie Garrett
Leiane Gibson
Earl Gray
Linda S. Gribko
Rosalie Haizlett
Woody Harman
Sharon Harms
Melvin Hartley
Frederick D. Hays
Beni Holley
Anne Johnson
Kevin King
Linda Jo Knowles
Pamela Lake
Kathryn Lehotsky
Deborah Lester
Marietta Lyall
Ric MacDowell
Leona Mackey
Adam E. Mathews
Sidney McCoy
Robby Moore
Roy Morum
Laura Moul
Jill Moles Mullins
Misty Murray-Walkup
Jared Musgrave
Shari O'Day Mann
Nan Perry
Carrie Petry/ Heart of Glass
Ed Rehbein
Henry Riffe
Randall Sanger
Randy Selbe
Debbie Kalt Sisson
Jason Sly
Patty Solari
Maggie Starcher
Linda Stonestreet
Regina G. Swim
Nicole Talbott
Jesse Thornton
Krys von Tornado
Molly Wolff

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