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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Surf and Turf

Exhibit Dates:  April 13, 2019 - June 9, 2019

Usually "surf and turf" refers to a meal consisting of a meat and seafood. For this exhibition, we are simply using the phrase to playfully allude to the area where land and sea meet. Whether it's a beach, an island, or a rocky cliff, these places hold a special meaning for many. They are homes to specific landmarks like lighthouses and piers.

Featured Artists:

Judith Bair, Lee Ann Billups Belvins, Jerry Birdsong, John M. Bocan, Alex Brand, Matthew Carr, James A. Clewell, Linda K. Clifford, Michael Corlis, Pat Cross, Joyce Waltz Daniels, John DesMeules, Stephanie Dulaney, Thomas R. Fletcher, Judy Foxx, Bruce Fransen, Tonie Garrett, Leiane Gibson, Earl Gray, Sarah Hampton, Psychoflauge, Sharon Harms, Melvin Hartley, Frederick D. Hays, Deborah Herndon, Vernon F. Howell, Kenney Isom, Jill Reinhold Jarom, Steve Jessee, Sharon Johnson, Anne Johnson, Kevin King, Pamela Lake, Timothy Lampe, Deborah Lester, Jamie Lester, Judith A. Lewis, Patricia Loy-Colebank, Marietta Lyall, Ric MacDowell, Connie Mae Moeller, Roy Stephen Morum, Laura Moul, Jill Moles Mullins, Misty Murray-Walkup, Asuka Ng, Carrie Petry, Ed Rehbein, Christine Rhodes, S. Roshanna Rothberg, Randall Sanger, Nima ShahabShahmir, Cindy Caroline, Karen Sparks, Patty Stewart, Linda Stonestreet, Regina G. Swim, Samuel Taylor, Jesse Thornton, Domi Williams

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