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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

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Exhibition Run: August 8 – September 20, 2020
Work Pick Up Deadline: September 26, 2020

In a state where our people are as sweet as our mountainous views, West Virginia can pride itself on the compassion we have for our community. West Virginia is known for its adventurous destinations and the enchanted environment that surrounds it. Almost heaven, West Virginia is a mystic place of wonder and enchantment, a place that feels far away from the stressful effects of life and a little closer to heaven. Our community is like no other. Those of us that have lived here for a large amount of time can attest to the sweet attachment the people of West Virginia have to our wonderful state and the scenic mountains we call home, as John Denver said, “Country Roads Take Me Home”.

Featured Artists:

John M. Bocan
Lynsi Boyd   
Alex Brand
Linda K. Clifford
Romney Shelton Collins
John Comerci
Kilsong Cox
Pat Cross
T. Paige Dalporto
Gil Narro Garcia
Ashleigh Garrett
Leiane Gibson
Joyce S. Grow
Barbara Hale
Diane Hall
Melvin Hartley
Frederick D. Hays
Beni Holley
Vernon F. Howell
Jill Reinhold Jarom
Sharon Johnson
Anne Johnson
Christine Keller
Kevin King
Kathryn Lehotsky
Deborah D. Lester
Marietta Lyall
Sidney McCoy
Suzan Morgan
Laura Moul
Jill Moles Mullins
Misty Murray-Walkup
Shari O’Day Mann
Jessica D. Osborne
Nan Perry
Ted Pilonero
Ed Rehbein
Damon Rhodes
Randall Sanger
Sandra Schmocker
Nima Shahab Shahmir
Richard Shrewsbury
Debbie K. Sisson
Patty Stewart
Linda Stonestreet
Jesse Thornton
Susan Tubens
Nathan Tweeddale
Krys Von Tornado
Kathy Welch
Susan A. Whitmore
Patty Wolford

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