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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Lore and Legend: Enduring Tales Told Through Art

November 11- January 7, 2018

Through their constant retelling, myths, fairy tales, and folk stories have found a permanent place in every home. Regardless of who we are or where we’re from, we have all encountered a special tale in one form or another. Perhaps a favorite fable found its way to you through your grandparents who in turn, took it from theirs. Or, maybe there is an ancient legend or fairy tale that was the subject of your favorite book. Some folktales even evade an explanation of origin; it just seems like they were always there, evolving from one generation to the next without ever losing their voice. These stories simply have a tendency to burrow onward through time, offering people across the globe ways in which to interpret the mysterious heritage of our regions as well as our predecessors.

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