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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Vividly Chromatic: Pigments of Pride

Exhibition Run: June 20 – August 2, 2020
Work Pick Up Deadline: August 8, 2020

June is pride month; please join us this year in celebrating with art! From early Greek art to the iconic American pop artist, filmmaker, and graphic designer, Andy Warhol- LGBTQ artist have shaped art as we know it, something that should be commended, recognized and celebrated.

Featured Artists:

Lynsi Boyd
Linda K. Clifford
Kilsong Cox
JoeAnn Crawford
Pat Cross
Joyce Waltz Daniels
Ginger Danz
John Des Meules
Stephanie Dulaney
M. Jane Holt Emmons
Ashleigh Garrett
Leiane Gibson
Sara Golden
Linda S. Gribko
Barbara A. Hale
Diane Hall
Sharon Harms
Deborah D. Herndon
Anne Johnson
Michelle Kelly
Kathryn Lehotsky
Deborah Lester
Angela Lopez
Patricia Loy-Colebank
Leona Mackey
Sidney McCoy
Quincy Gray McMichael
Rita Montrosse
Dawn Moore
Roy Morum
Laura Moul
Jill Moles Mullins
Andrew Mullins
Misty Murray-Walkup
Shari O'Day Mann
Nancy O'Farrell
Jessica D. Osborne
Carrie Petry, Heart of Glass LLC.
Daniele Piasecki
Sandra Schmocker
Kenneth Sheller
Patty Stewart
Linda Stonestreet
Nicole Talbott
Jesse Thornton
Nathan Tweeddale
Krys von Tornado
Nick Watson
Kathy Welch
Susan A. Whitmore
Kevin M. Woodcock

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