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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Year One Fifty Five

This exhibition theme aims to artistically examine and discuss what it truly means to be a mountaineer. Visual Artists regularly capture a historical record with their work. The Arts are arguably the best lens by which we examine the events, mores and practices of a culture. Year One Fifty Five is an exhibition that will visually tell our state’s story, 1863 and all 155 years after, from the perspective of West Virginia’s contemporary visual artists. Our goal for this exhibition is a diverse “timeline” of original artworks portraying our state’s triumphs, tragedies and trademarks.

March 3, 2018 - April 1, 2018
Opening Reception : March 3 from 5 - 7 PM

Featuring Works by -

Judith Bair

Deborah Lester

Rick Burgess

Mandy Lester

Coyote Chase

Judith A. Lewis

Linda K. Clifford

Marietta Lyall

John Coffey

Ric MacDowell

Pat Cross

Leona Mackey

Joyce Waltz Daniels

Melissa May

Thomas E. Dean

Betty McMullen

Thomas R. Fletcher

Connie Mae Moeller

Leiane Gibson

Rita J. Montrose

Sharon Harms

Mark Tobin Moore

Cheryl Harshman

Anthony J. Papa

Melvin Hartley

Gloria Jean Pennington

Frederick Hays

Kathleen Ryan-Reagan

Vernon F. Howell

Randall Sanger

Gayle Jennings

Todd Short

Sharon Johnson

Linda Stonestreet

Anne Johnson

Samuel Taylor

Tsukasa Kambara

Jesse Thornton

Kevin King

Linda J. C. Turner

Staci Leech-Cornell

Domi (Dominique) Williams

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