Tamarack’s David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery represents over 500 juried West Virginia artists. Every six to eight weeks, the gallery hosts a new and unique exhibition, giving artists throughout West Virginia the opportunity to showcase their incredible talents. The gallery proudly features a variety of subjects and mediums that truly represent the Best of West Virginia.

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Current Exhibition

16th Annual Best of West Virginia

Open Juried Exhibition

Exhibition Run: June 18 – July 31

‘The Best of West Virginia’ celebrates the unmatched talent and vision of West Virginia creatives by showcasing their talents in this special juried competition. This highly anticipated event is the only exhibition in our fine arts gallery that accepts artwork by juried and non-juried in West Virginia artists.
This exhibition includes a judging process to select the top three artists chosen by a panel of expert jurors where awards will be during the opening reception. Also, visitors, guests and customers will have the chance to vote for People’s Choice through the exhibition’s closing. 

Face the Music: A Tribute to Music

For centuries, music has been the soul’s voice and humanity’s universal language. Its emotional impact is undeniable, shaping cultures and eras. This profound impact has been echoed in art, with masters like Wassily Kandinsky, who believed in the synthesis of sounds and colors, and Picasso, with his guitar-themed cubist compositions.  
Striking a chord with this rich tapestry is our theme “Face the Music: A Tribute to Music” – a term that embodies the intimate dance between visual art and auditory melodies. This theme captures the essence, energy, and emotion of music, illustrating everything from electrifying rock concert moments to serene sonatas being played in a dimly lit room. While pieces in this category might evoke the nostalgia of a bygone musical era, they also celebrate the ever-evolving soundscape of contemporary music. In harmony with the timeless allure of melodies and rhythms, Tamarack Marketplace is seeking original art that resonates with the spirit of music, aiming to serenade our gallery and resonate with our guests. 

Exhibition Run: August 7 – September 19
Image Submission Deadline: Sunday, July 7
Decision Notifications (sent via email): Wednesday, July 10
Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: Monday, July 29
Work Pick Up Deadline: Friday, September 27
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 10

The Art of Illusion: A Celebration of Magic

From the mysterious rites of ancient sorcerers to the spellbinding tricks of modern-day magicians, the allure of magic has transcended time and cultures. It speaks to the human desire for wonder, for the unexplained, and the spaces between reality and fantasy. This mystique has been echoed in art, with enigmatic figures like Hieronymus Bosch painting surreal landscapes and René Magritte challenging our perceptions with his thought-provoking compositions.
Emerging from the smoke and mirrors is our theme “The Art of Illusion: A Celebration of Magic” – a term that invites viewers into a world where the impossible becomes possible. This theme delves into the enchanting, and the mysterious, showcasing everything from charming sleight of hand movements to dreamlike realms that defy logic. While artworks in this category might draw inspiration from age-old tales of wizards and witches, they also weave in the modern fascinations with illusion and perception.
Summoning the spirit of wonder and awe, Tamarack Marketplace is seeking original art that transcends the ordinary, aiming to bewitch our gallery and captivate our guests.

Exhibition Run: September 29 – November 9
Image Submission Deadline: Sunday, August 25
Decision Notifications (sent via email): Wednesday, August 28
Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: Thursday, September 19
Work Pick Up Deadline: Monday, November 18
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 5

Small Packages 2024

Tamarack Marketplace presents our signature exhibition that has been a fan favorite in years past. The exhibition of small dimensions is ready to make a glorious impression once again just in time for gift giving season. We are on the hunt for artworks no larger than 12in x 12in (or up to 144 square inches – for any queries, please get in touch). As the festive season approaches, these petite masterpieces make the ideal gifts. Let your imagination run wild; any theme is welcome! Just remember to adhere to our gallery’s guidelines and embrace the festive spirit by crafting wonders within compact confines.
The David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery invites artists to present two- and three-dimensional creations that, although small, leave a lasting impression.

Exhibition Run: November 19 – December 28
Image Submission Deadline: Sunday, October 20
Decision Notifications (sent via email): Wednesday, October 23
Drop Off Deadline for Accepted Work: Saturday, November 9
Work Pick Up Deadline: Sunday, January 12
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 23

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