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A concert of songs and stories, performed by West Virginia’s “Bard of Education”, actor and musician, Mick Souter in his one-man show, “Celebrate West Virginia”on June 20th in the Theater at 6:00 PM, $10 per person.  This is presented in connection with West Virginia Day, the anniversary of the founding of our state. 

Mick will perform a variety of folk tunes and tales that celebrate the people, the history, and the culture of West Virginia.  


Souter is an energetic multi-instrumentalist who accompanies himself on banjo, guitar, harmonica, auto harp, dulcimer, fiddle, and recorder and encourages the audience to sing-a-long on a variety of songs, some of which are Mick Souter originals.  The songs include the title song “Celebrate West Virginia” and “Singin’ Mountain Pride”, both by Souter, along with “John Henry”, “Riding on the New River Train”, “The West Virginia Hills” and John Denver’s “Country Roads”, among others.  

   Over the past twenty-five years, Mick Souter’s Touring Musical Theater has performed full-time for hundreds of thousands of people in schools, state parks, festivals, theaters and venues such as Tamarack, Snowshoe, and The Cultural Center in Charleston.  He now returns to Tamarack to give this West Virginia Day performance.

  Souter’s shows both entertain and educate, providing family programming that offers something enjoyable for audiences of all ages.  In addition to “Celebrate West Virginia”, his other shows include “A Visit With Stephen Foster”, “The Roads and Rails of Woody Guthrie”, “All Aboard the Iron Horse” and “Ever Sings A River”, all of which are performed in costume and character. 

   “There is an important mission with ‘Celebrate West Virginia’ as well”, states Souter, “This is a West Virginia pride program designed to focus on the many things we have to be proud of as West Virginians.  I encourage everyone to get involved in what I call “Singin’ Mountain Pride”: vocalizing our love and appreciation for our magnificently beautiful state.

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