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Watch Karen Vuranch, as she portrays Pulitzer Prize winning American novelist, Edith Wharton. Karen's portrayal of Edith Wharton is a tribute to the life and work of this remarkable woman. The performance begins at 3pm, in Governor Hulett C. Smith Theater. 

A lesser known aspect of Edith Wharton's life is her involvement in World War I. Already an expatriate living in France when the war begins, she immersed herself in the war effort, creating several charities for refugees and wounded soldiers. In order to raise money and awareness in America, Edith began working as a war correspondent, traveling through burned-out villages and visiting the horrific trenches, reporting with clarity the ravages of war. In 2014, the world marked the beginning of the Great War, as it is known. It is fitting to examine the life and work of Edith Wharton during this era of world rending change.

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