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Opening Reception: “KITSCH ME LIKE YOU MEAN IT!” Art Gallery Exhibition

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Join us and the artists for the opening reception of "Kitsch Me Like You Mean It!" happening Saturday, February 29 from 12-2:00pm.


"Kitsch Me Like You Mean It!" is all about looking at art, not through the critical eye of an artist, but through the eyes of a viewer who embraces the oddity, humor, and “banal” of kitsch and the irony that surrounds it. The reception will feature Appalachian inspired hors d'oeuvres and refreshments provided by Tamarack. This event is free to attend.




Exhibtion Artists:

Kathy Boland

Lynsi Boyd

Matthew Carr

Kilsong Cox

T. Paige Dalporto

Joseph Dangerfield

Stephanie Dulaney

M. Jane Holt Emmons

Patrick Russell Facemire

Brian Fencl

Bob Fisher

Judy McCoy Foxx

Leiane Gibson

Sara Golden

Linda S. Gribko

Joyce S. Grow

Diane Hall


Sharon Harms

Deborah D. Herndon

Terry Lynn Hickernell

Beni Holley

Sharon Johnson

Anne Johnson

Kevin King

Pamela Lake

Mandy Lash

Deborah Diane Lester

Judie Lewis

Angela Lopez

Patricia R. Loy-Colebank

Marietta Lyall

Leona Mackey

Sidney McCoy

Amabile Milano, MD

Suzan Morgan

Roy Stephen Morum

Laura Moul

Jill Moles Mullins

Misty Murray-Walkup

Leslie Norris

Shari O'Day Mann

Jessica D. Osborne

Gloria Jean Pennington

Carrie Petry, Heart of Glass LLC

Christine Rhodes

S. Roshanna Rothberg

Nima ShahabShahmir

Todd Short

Patty Stewart

Linda Stonestreet

Amy Stout

Robert Villamagna

Krys von Tornado

Kathy Welch

Domi Williams

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