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Like a signature, artwork is proof of identity and intent. Throughout an artist's career, they work to find their own unique voice in which to communicate. This voice leaves their mark on its viewer. This exhibition is an opportunity for Tamarack artists to exhibit their signature style.

Opening: August 10, 2019 at 12pm
Exhibition Run: August 10 - September 22, 2019

Featured Artists:

Homaira Ahmed
Steve Balcourt
Jamey Biggs
Lee Ann Billups Blevins
Jerry Birdsong
Kathy Boland
Mike Bowen
Alex Brand
Matthew Carr
Coyote Chase
Linda K. Clifford
Kilsong Cox
Joyce Waltz Daniels
Stephanie Dulaney 
Patrick Facemire
Sharon Dennis Fuerst
Tonie Garrett
Leiane Gibson
Earl Gray
Cheryl Ryan Harshman
Melvin Hartley
Frederick D. Hays
Deborah D. Herndon
Traci L. Higginbotham
Beni Holley
Vernon F. Howell 
Kenneth Isom
Doug Jackson
Jill Reinhold Jarom
Steve Jessee
Anne Johnson
Kevin King
Pamela Lake
Staci Leech-Cornell
Deborah Lester
Jamie Lester
Patricia Loy-Colebank
Leona Mackey
Adam E. Mathews
Akemi Matsumoto
Connie Mae Moeller
Rita J. Montrosse 
Dawn Moore
Roy Stephen Morum 
Laura Moul
Jill Moles Mullins
Andrew Mullins
Misty Murray-Walkup
Leslie Norris 
Janet Parker
Kay Payne
Pat Peacock
Victoria Pendragon
Carrie Petry
David J. Pittenger
Terry Quentrill
Ed Rehbein
Henry Riffe
Kathleen Ryan-Reagan
Randall Sanger
Randy Selbe
Richard Shrewsbury
Jason Sly
Patty Solari
Clayton E. Spangler II
Karen Sparks
Patty Stewart
Linda Stonestreet
Regina G. Swim
Nicole Talbott
Jesse Thornton
Anna Toler Frazier
Robert Villamagna
Krys von Tornado
Tracey West
Domi Williams
Patty Wolford

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