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Fine craft and art transforms living quarters into an inspiring space. How we choose to decorate our homes communicates our tastes and style to our guests. When we curate unique artistic items we are choosing to enrich our daily lives. Even the mundane task of washing dishes can recall a special gift from a loved one. This exhibition of one-of-a-kind art and craft will inspire our collectors and guests to add these artworks to daily lives.   

Featured Artists:

Kathy Boland
LeeAnn Brown ( Heirloom Footstools)
Danny Burgess ( 99 Timbers)
Cindy Caroline
George L. Cook
Pat Cross
Debra L. Davis
John DesMeules
Stephanie Dulaney
M. Jane Holt Emmons
Fred Friar
Leiane Gibson
Earl Gray
Ann Grimes
Diane Hall
Sharon Harms
Melvin Hartley
Frederick D. Hays
Beni Holley
Vernon F. Howell
Mary Hurst
Anne Johnson
Pamela Lake
Leona Mackey
Connie Mae Moeller
Roy Morum
Laura Moul
Jill Moles Mullins
Misty Murray-Walkup
Ed Rehbein
S. Roshanna Rothberg
Nima ShahabShahmir
Patty Solari
Patty Stewart
Linda Stonestreet
Regina G. Swim
Nicole Talbott
Nathan Tweeddale
Krys von Tornado
Domi Williams

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