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Culinary Demonstration Series

 $10 Per Class or $39.99 For Remaining Series


Soups, Stocks and Their Health Benefits

10 AM to 12 PM, Saturday March 11th

Learn the basics of stocks, soups, thickeners and their health benefits.
Watch as Chef Gustard demonstrates and explains pureed soups, chunky soups, chowders, seasonal soups and how they benefit joint health

Clearing Out the Fridge – Salads

10 AM to 12 PM, Saturday March 25th

Learn how to make a delicious salads using leftovers in your fridge. Chef will demonstrate potato salad, quinoa salad, black bean salad, pasta salad, wild rice salad, & Panzanella salad

Party Planning: Cocktails & Appetizers

10 AM to 12 PM, Saturday April 15th

Be the host with the most as you learn party planning, cocktails and appetizers. Crusty breads and crackers with delicious dips, composed treats like skewers and Tuscan ham palmier, shrimp cocktail–prepare to have the best parties on your block.

Crispy, Crunchy Pickles

10 AM to 12 PM, Saturday April 29th

Crispy, crunchy pickles. Learn how to make pickles the right way


Become a Meat Maven

10 PM to 12 PM, Saturday May 20th

Become a meat maven. Learn to talk chop with your local butcher as Chef Gustard teaches you different cuts of meat and how to cook them just right


Can It!

10 AM to 12 PM, Saturday June 3rd

Can it! Make use of that garden this summer as you master water bath canning tomatoes, making jams and saving pickled items


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