Meet Our Conference & Event Team!

Meet our versatile conference center team, equipped to plan events ranging from small meetings to elaborate functions. With their firsthand knowledge, experience, and expertise, they are ready to plan, heighten and execute your next professional or social gathering.

Ashley Milam

Conference Center Sales & Event Director

Meet Ashley Milam, the Conference Center Sales & Event Director at Tamarack Marketplace, who leads a skilled and motivated team dedicated to creating unforgettable events. With over 8 years of experience in cultivating joy and maintaining a “it can be done” attitude, Ashley brings a customer service-focused approach and meticulous attention to detail to her role.

Her background includes serving as the Store Team Leader at Party City, where she developed a passion for balloon art. Ashley inspired customers with innovative concepts, themes, and ideas to breathe life into their events. Additionally, she has entrepreneurial experience as the owner-operator of “Pic-a-Party,” her own party planning and execution business. Through this venture, Ashley gained insights into the intricacies of designing custom events of all kinds to meet the demanding needs of the market.

A graduate of Salem International University, Ashley is not only a dedicated professional but also a wife and a mother of four. Beyond her work, she enjoys traveling, painting, and eagerly anticipates family game nights. Ashley is available and ready to book your next event, bringing her wealth of experience and creative flair to ensure a memorable occasion.

Kylie Golden

Conference Center Event Planner

“My passion for hospitality and events is deeply rooted in my upbringing, thanks to my mom. Growing up, our home was always bustling with guests for large family meals, pool parties, cookie baking days, or bonfires with all the fixings. My mom’s involvement in volunteering for church and non-profit events became my introduction to the world of hospitality, and I eagerly tagged along to lend a hand. From that point on, I was hooked, and there was no turning back,” shared Kylie.

Kylie pursued her academic interest in this field, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports, Entertainment, and Event Management from Johnson & Wales University. Following her graduation, she honed her skills through an internship with Andrew Jackson’s The Hermitage in their Events Department. Over the last five years, Kylie served as the Sales & Event Coordinator for Grand Pointe Conference & Reception Center in Vienna, WV.

Candi Smith

Conference Center Coordinator

Meet Candi Smith, a dedicated professional with an extraordinary eye for detail and a genuine passion for delivering top-notch customer service. Serving as the invaluable right-hand to our Conference Center team, Candi plays a crucial role in assisting Ashley and Kylie in the meticulous planning and development of events, with a particular emphasis on group tours and the bus tour business.

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Candi spent eight years in the conference center business with Holiday Lodge Hotel & Conference Center in Oakhill, WV. During her tenure, she honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in event planning, particularly those catering to group tours and bus tour operations. With Candi Smith on board, you can trust that your events, especially those catering to group tours and the bus tour business, will be managed with precision and a focus on creating enriching and enjoyable experiences for all participants.

Mike Minehart

Banquet Supervisor

Introducing Mike Minehart, our esteemed Banquet Supervisor affectionately known as Mr. Hospitality. On the day of your event, be it a meeting, conference, dinner, reception, or any other occasion, you can count on Mike to greet you with open arms and a commitment to providing hospitality at its finest.

Mike’s dedication to the art of meeting and exceeding expectations is unparalleled. With a genuine passion for creating memorable experiences, he approaches each event with enthusiasm and a keen understanding of the nuances that make each occasion unique.

When you see Mike Minehart at the helm of your event, rest assured that you’re in the capable hands of Mr. Hospitality. His commitment to excellence and his genuine joy in creating memorable experiences will undoubtedly elevate your event to new heights.

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