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Visit Tamarack, the Best of West Virginia.
Group Tours

Group Tours

Things to do:

  • Shop our vast collection of unique regional gifts
  • Discover handmade West Virginia traditional and contemporary crafts
  • Visit the David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery, Youth Arts Gallery and our Open Air Gallery.
  • Take one of our Hands-On Tamarack classes
  • Enjoy live music and theater performances
  • Receive shopping coupons for a 10% discount (groups must call ahead)
  • Get a Taste of West Virginia for breakfast, lunch or dinner and enjoy our appalachian-inspired cuisine.

Dining Options:

Tamarack Restaurant

Cafeteria style service featuring a variety of West Virginia inspired cuisine. Entree prices range from $8 to $13 each. Meals in the food court can be paid individually, with open meal vouchers allowing your guests to anything they would like, or pre-paid meal vouchers with a certain dollar limit, allowing for easy budgeting.

Private Group Dining

Offered in a private dining area. Meals are available from selected menu items and prices range from $15 per person.

Boxed Meals

Cold meals and refreshment packages are available.

  • Reservation Information: Email or call 1.888.262.7225, Ext. 164 to begin planning your event!
  • Complimentary Policy: We offer complimentary meals to drivers and escorts when the group is eating.
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