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Jury Process

Jury Process


Jury Guidelines for craft, fine craft and fine art jury

We seek unique work! The following is a descriptive list of work sold at Tamarack.  If you feel your work does not fit a category below, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." Artisan Services for assistance.

General Craft: Product lines produced in quantities that are available for purchase at a wholesale price, including, but not limited to:  textiles, glass, jewelry, pottery, baskets, seasonal items, dried flowers, and wood.

One of a Kind/Fine Craft: Craft in any mediumthat is produced in limited quantities due to uniqueness, difficulty in producing, overall high quality, or by the artists’ choice to limit availability.

Sculpture: Sculpture produced in any medium such as stone, metal, wood, glass, and mixed medium.

Mixed Media: Craft that is produced using two or more mediums. 

Digital Media: Any digital based fine art or graphics. 

Painting: Original paintings produced in oil, water color, acrylic, designers’ guash, or mixed medium.

Drawing: Original art created in pencil, colored pencil, pen and ink, pastel, markers, or mixed medium.

Print Making: Original engravings, lithographs, etchings, serigraphs, block printing.

Photography: Digital or film based photography.

Please read the following carefully.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Steve Cassle at or by calling 304.256.6743 ext. 149


Tamarack is looking for the Best of West Virginia. Every item sold in the Tamarack facility is approved through a jury process where the artist’s product is critiqued by a panel of Master Craftspeople and Artists who look for outstanding craftsmanship, unique design, creativity, and use of materials that are of exceptional quality. Each artist’s work is evaluated and critiqued by a panel of jurors who excel within their specific media type.


  • Submitting images of your work for critique will determine whether you will attend an in-person jury session.
  • Evaluation for acceptance into Tamarack occurs at the in-person jury.  
  • If accepted, your work will be placed into the Tamarack System for possible purchase.
  • Only West Virginia residents are eligible to place craft, fine craft, mixed media, fine art, and photography in Tamarack for sale.

How to Apply for an In-Person Jury Session

To be considered for an in-person jury, Tamarack accepts digital image submissions of work via an online submission process. Click  HERE! to view the online submission application. Submissions will be accepted 14 (fourteen) weeks prior to an in-person jury date and will close 6 (six) weeks prior to an in-person jury date.  To be considered for inclusion for an in-person jury session, each artist is required to submit the following:

  • Contact information
  • CV/Resume listing education, gallery affiliations, awards, private collections and other significant accomplishments.
  • Exceptional quality images of artwork.  Photography of your work matters.  Substandard images could impair your chances of acceptance to the in-person jury.  Guide to Professional Quality Images from Hariette Estel Berman.

The Power of the PhotographThe Importance of the Image, & Lights, Camera, Action by Scott Mead, from

Submitting Images

Entrants must submit the required amount of images based on the following categories:

  • 5 images of craft
  • 5 images of fine art
  • 10 images of photography

(Entrants should submit images of a single item that reflect superior craftsmanship as well as images that show a cohesive body of work. Artists may submit in more than one media designation, but each category will be juried separately.)

If online submission of images is not possible, artists may also send a CD of their entries and contact information to Tamarack, the Best of WV One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801  attn:  Steve Cassle.

If you are accepted to advance to the in-person jury, you will be required to provide proof of residency at the time of jury.  Click here for a list of acceptable forms of proof.


Entrants will be notified of acceptance to the in-person jury in a timely manner by a Tamarack staff member with instructions on how to prepare for the jury session.  Should an entrant not be accepted, they will receive a thoughtful evaluation of their digital submissions and information on how to access assistance should they decide to reapply.

What Tamarack Looks for:

Before uploading images for consideration, please review the following jury criteria. These specific areas are what Tamarack jurors evaluate when compiling their critiques 

Technique and Craftsmanship

All work must demonstrate attention to detail.  Construction must be sound and able to withstand normal expected usage.  A piece must show understanding of the properties and limitations of the materials used and demonstrate proficiency in the use of tools and skills in knowledge and technique.  The level of technique involved, and the design in terms of its function, should be considered in the evaluation of the overall quality of any given piece.  Finished work should demonstrate a mastery of the craft. 

Design and Creativity

The design of work should reflect the intended function of the piece as well as visual appeal.  It demands a combination of creativity, technical proficiency, and awareness of the properties of the chosen materials.  The work must be well designed both technically and aesthetically. Good design requires the consideration of the elements of design (form, line, color, and texture) and the principles of design (contrast, rhythm, repetition, transition, proportion and scale). The body of work should demonstrate the craftsman’s unique voice.


Materials used must be of exceptional quality and suited to the purpose of the piece.  Pre-manufactured components are permitted only if they are minimal in the overall design and craftsmanship of the piece.

Presentation for Fine Art/Photography Only

You should submit images of fine art and photography without framing.  The work should fill the frame of the image.  Submitted images should show consistency throughout the entire body of work.  

If accepted for the in-person jury, the work must be properly prepared for professional presentation in a gallery or showcase setting. This includes properly cut matting, framing, backing materials, secure hanging materials, neatly finished gallery wrapped canvases and backs of unframed work. 

Dates/locations for future in-person jury sessions:
February 15, 2017 Charleston | West Virginia Division of Culture and History
April 22, 2017 Morgantown | WVU College of Creative Arts Foundation Room
June 14, 2017  Lewisburg | Carnegie Hall
August 5, 2017 Beckley | Tamarack, The Best of West Virginia


Jury Guidelines for books, calendars, magazines, recordings (CDs) and DVD review

All items sold at Tamarack goes through a review process before it is considered for sale at Tamarack.  To submit your work, please find the links below for Criteria and Application for each media. PLEASE READ THE CRITERIA VERY CAREFULLY.  IT IS YOUR DECISION TO SUBMIT.

 Also, just because your book is accepted for review, it does not mean that it will be "ACCEPTED" for sale in Tamarack.

Further, please note that unless the subject is famous, memoirs usually do not sell well to our clientele, which is primarily the traveling public.

If you already know your book has typos or grammatical errors, please do not submit it for review.

Tamarack receives a large number of self-published fiction, memoirs/ autobiographies, and inspirational/spiritual/self-help books to be reviewed for sale. Limited floor space at Tamarack dictates that purchasing trends and past buying patterns play a very important role in our buying decisions.  If selected for sale at Tamarack a small quantity purchase may be necessary to testdemand for the product.  Expect the review process for theaforementioned categories to be especially rigorous.

Please note Music submissions must meet the following criteria:  Single Artist must be a current West Virginia resident or a West Virginia native.  Groups - 50% of members must be current West Virginia residents or West Virginia Natives.

DVDs and Calendars are accepted continuously throughout the year with the sole criteria:   Must contain West Virginia content.

DVD Review Application
Book Review Application
Music Review Application
Calendar Review Application

Please review the criteria thoroughly and completely. If you meet the criteria, please complete the application and mail to:

Artisan Services
TAMARACK: The Best of West Virginia
1 Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV 25801

You will be notified by letter of the panels’ decision.

Please note: Your submission will not be returned and will not be juried if the required paperwork and information is not included.


Guidelines for specialty foods and beverages

Specialty Food and Beverage Vendor Application

To be considered for possible inclusion into Tamarack’s Gourmet Food Department the following must first be adhered to:

  • Producers should contact: Teresa Halloran, Marketing Specialist-Foods at the West Virginia Department of Agriculture at 1.304.558.2210 for information on submitting their product labels for approval.
  • Specialty Food and Beverage Producers, whether it is a single person and/or a company, must be current residents of the state of West Virginia.
  • Product must meet the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s criteria… i.e., product jury form and label inspection.
  • Products must be a made, processed or produced in West Virginia or must be a 50% value-added producer that is headquartered in the state and contributes to the West Virginia economy through its employment, manufacturing, packaging, purchasing, marketing and the conducting business within the state.  Be prepared to show compliance.
  • All products must be of the highest quality, safely and attractively and appropriately packaged. It must be processed in an approved FDA facility.
  • Product liability insurance is required – $1 Million General Liability (Wine excluded).

All food and beverage products must be identified w/ the required United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) production code and have a “best use by” date on all products.

Once you receive clearance from the WV Department of Agriculture, please contact Deaner Williams at 1.888.262.7225, ext. 151 or , to discuss the possible purchase of your product by Tamarack.

Limited floor space at Tamarack dictates that purchasing trends and past buying patterns play a very important role in our buying decisions.  If selected for sale of Tamarack, a small quantity purchase may be necessary to test demand for the product.


Guidelines for bath and body products (lotion, cream, soap, butters, and lip balm) review

To be eligible for inclusion in to Tamarack’s Bath and Body Department the following must first be adhered to:

  • Producers should contact: Teresa Halloran, Marketing Specialist at the West Virginia Department of Agriculture at 1.304.558.2210 for labeling approval.
  • Producers, whether a single person and/or a company, must be current residents of the state of West Virginia.
  • Product must meet the West Virginia Department of Agriculture’s criteria… i.e., product jury form, ingredients, and label inspection.
  • Products must be processed and produced in West Virginia.
  • All products must be of the highest quality, safely, attractively and appropriately packaged. Labels must include weight and ingredients.
  • If item is a lotion or cream, such as body or face, "use" instructions should be on the label (Use every morning...Use nightly, etc).
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