Mountaineer Florida (blog)


“Tamarack is a diamond mine of beauty, art, food, and entertainment…”


Conference Center Visitor

R. Lively Wedding Reception

“Thank you for taking such good care of our guests. Everyone was appreciative
of the service and the atmosphere. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the evening.”


Scott Depot

West Virginia

 “Wonderful place. My five-year-old said it was like a museum of West Virginia.
 We stop each year on our way south and on our way back.” 


Angela Atherton

Visitor Email

“I happened to stop in by chance…I was blown away… The exhibits and products
for sale were fantastic. The selection of food was impressive and very good…”


Visitor Email


“One of the all time best stops we have made on our many travels.”

Visitor Email

Pierceton, South Carolina

“What a fun day! Loved the dolls. Look forward to tasting your West Virginia wines and honey.”



"We had a great time and I would highly recommend Tamarack to anybody. The family is still talking
about that night and the great time they had. The staff at Tamarack exceeded our expectations.

On the Road Again with Roberta

Lost Colony Research Group Blog

 “Tamarack is the ‘must see’ feel good place of all feel good places. I’ve stopped here for years at least
once or twice a year and it’s always different. Known as ‘The Best of West Virginia’, it truly earns its name
by exhibiting (and selling) the handcrafts and fine arts of West Virginia artisans. But wait, there’s more.
Not only is it a wonderland of talent and beauty, it also has food prepared by Greenbrier’s… chefs.
And ice cream, and coffee, and a conference center, and an art gallery, and tigers and lions and bears
OH MY!!! Sorry, got a bit carried away. But you get the idea.”

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