Tamarack Staff Personnel


Tamarack General Manager  304-256-6843
Cheryl Hartley is the general manager...
Buyer  800-498-6233 x 310
Tamarack Deputy General Manager  304-256-6843
Visual Display Manager  256-6843 x 169
Jenifer Fox has been...
Tamarack Retail Director  304-256-6843 x155
Buyer  800-498-6233 x 300
Tamarack Marketing Director  304-256-6843 x109
A native of the Finger Lakes Region,...
Gallery Director  304-256-6843 Ext 157
Tamarack Events Director  304-256-6843 x151
As Events Director of Tamarack, Kelly...
Marketing Coordinator  304-256-6843 x161
Tamarack is happy to welcome Amy Ellis...
Conference Sales Director  304-256-6843 x148
April Taylor began her career here at...
Artisan Services Coordinator  304-256-6843 x107
Food Services Director / Executive Chef  304-256-6843 x158
Creative Coordinator  304-256-6843 x154
Buyer  800-498-6233 x 309
Conference Coordinator  304-256-6843 x168
Buyer  800-498-6233 x 308
Professional Development Coordinator  304-256-6843 x149