2013 Juried Exhibition Winners


Best of Show

Paul Corbitt Brown

Between Hope and Shalom


The surreal quality of the piece is arresting in both a menacing, yet soulful endeavor.
The juxtaposition of light and dark, good and eerie, disturbing and peaceful creates both a universality and regionalism.

2nd Place 

Andrew Thorne

Quiet Ecstasy


The quiet dignity represented in this work is representative of not only West Virginians,
but of humankind., The execution is both naturalistic and abstract. Its suggested humility is reflected in its fluidity and organic nature.

3rd Place

Robin Hammer & Chris Dutch

Emerald City


This collaborative effort encapsulates the creative experience through the marriage of glass, wood and the force of nature’s prominence.
Its organic quality speaks a universal and regional voice.

Award of Merit

Charles Ott

Old Gas Station


The open, expansive nature of this work illuminates its possibilities (i.e. hope and despair, possibilities and realities).
Its strong use of color suggests a freshness that speaks to the American spirit.

Award of Merit 

Michael Cope


The natural, organic nature of this vessel honors a beauty that has not met modification. Its evolution is sensual – translucent. 

Award of Merit 
Dick Allowatt



This work invites exploration. The depth of imagery unveils itself in the exploration and Interpretation of organic metamorphosis.
Its motion and flight qualities suggest a complex simplicity, the piece comes from a different voice (i.e. angst and blooming, white and black, etc). 

Award of Merit 

Rande Selbe

The Phoenix Will Rise Again


The fluid nature of this piece and its incorporation of driftwood lends an organic nature to its overall design and textural quality.