Gallery Guidelines

Guidelines for participating artists 

Guidelines for Tamarack’s David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery


Upon accepting the opportunity to exhibit in the gallery, you are required to make your work professional and suitable for the theme of the show.


The back of every piece of artwork

MUST include:
) The name of the artist.
2) Title of the work.
3) Retail price in a legible location.
4) With 3
D work exceptions can be made. 

The consignment sheet is enclosed. For your records please make a copy of the consignment sheet as your receipt. Please fill out the information and submit it as soon as possible. If you do not have a bio or artist’s statement on file already, you may include it in the paperwork. However, it is preferred in digital format (PDF, Word, Text Document, etc.). Please email it to the gallery at along with your images or save it on the cd. Send at least two weeks in advance of the show drop off dates. You may submit up to six images. Also, these images will be used as photo reference for your inclusion of future shows. We regret there is no guarantee your work will be ready for the show’s opening if these items are not sent in advance. Email is preferred, but you may also mail to One Tamarack Park - Beckley, WV 25801 or fax to 304-256-6877.

Acceptable Work, Pricing, and Commission (ALL WORK MUST BE FOR SALE)

1) The value of an artist’s work is determined by the artist. However, the price on the work should be the same no matter where the work is displayed. All work sold by the David L. Dickerson Fine Arts Gallery is on a consignment basis with a commission standard of 42% to Tamarack and 58% to the artist. Exceedingly high pricing to discourage sale of your work is unacceptable and will prevent work from being exhibited.

2) Work in exhibits must be originals (no reproductions).

3) Work must have been completed within the last two years.

4) Only work that has not been in a previous exhibit at Tamarack will be accepted.

Two-Dimensional Work 

        1) All two-dimensional work must be delivered ready to hang.

        2) Unacceptable materials that sometimes appear in two
-dimensional presentations include sawtooth hangers, duct tape, corrugated cardboard backing, string or cord.                 

        3) Proper materials in excellent condition must be employed. Some common problems are frames with corners that do not meet, chipped or scratched frames, improperly attached wires, eyebolts without wiring, spring clips that are not firmly installed, dirty or smudged mats, and debris between the glazing material and art. 

        4) Less frequently encountered but equally troublesome is paintings that are still wet, works that have fallen from their mats, and works framed upside down. 

        5) Frames must be of quality equivalent to the price charged. Frames must be the same or compliment each other for grouping of your work. How your work is framed plays a large part in the presentation.

Delivery and Pick up

Tamarack’s extensive hours make it necessary to make arrangements with the Gallery staff to drop off work. It is the responsibility of the artist to get their work to, and picked up from Tamarack. Please contact the gallery for information about our shipping policy for return items. The policy can also be found on the Tamarack website.

Due to limited storage space, the Gallery is unable to save any packing materials.

Your commitment to participate goes beyond the number of pieces you bring. Your commitment means that you are being counted on for this exhibit. The final decision on whether or not your work will be exhibited is at the sole discretion of Tamarack. Thank you for entrusting your art work to us. 


The opening reception gives the public a chance to meet the artists, generates press coverage, and helps market your work. We encourage you to attend the opening and to invite your family, friends and clients.

                                                                            Gallery Guidelines - Newly Juried - 2013    

Gallery Guidelines - Bin Work - 2013

Updating your contact information is important so that you can continue to receive show invitations, newsletters, and other communication pieces designed to keep you in-the-know of current gallery events. Also, add all email correspondence from the gallery to your “Safe Sender List” to maximize your experience.

  Gallery Guidelines - Info Sheet - 2013
Gallery Assistance

Molly Baker Halstead– Gallery Manager
David L. Dickirson Fine Arts Gallery
One Tamarack Park
Beckley, WV 25801
(304) 256-6843, Ext. 157