Specialty Foods

Delectable goodies created by West Virginia's best cooks: candy, jams and jellies, sauces, mixes, and more...combine several to fill a gift box. Note: We currently do not offer wine sales through online shopping.

Specialty Foods
Finger licking good for meats and vegetables.  (more...)
Use these tasty additions in the usual way, or add them to dips and sauces...  (more...)
Easy to send, easy to make, the perfect gift for every culinary expert.  (more...)
Pure sweetness from the bees and trees of West Virginia.  (more...)
Homemade jams, jellies and butters from the usual and unusual fruits and...  (more...)
Firehouse hot or peachy mild, our salsas vary with your tastes.  (more...)
With a wide selection of sugar free products, gift giving is easy.  (more...)
Sweets for you and yours...truffles, popcorns, hard candy, lollipops and...  (more...)
Specialty Foods