Want To Sell To Tamarack?


Tamarack's Craft, Fine Craft and Fine Art Jury Process

Every item sold at Tamarack is approved through a review process where your product is critiqued by a panel of Master Craftspeople and Artists for quality, consistency, appropriateness and marketability. 

A three-step process has been developed for artisans who feel their products are “The Best of West Virginia.”  If you are a current West Virginia resident and hold a current West Virginia's drivers license you are eligible to establish a business partnership with Tamarack. All work must be completed within the last two (2) calendar years.

Step One -- artisans and artists are required to provide 5-10 digital photos and an Artisan History for review.  Your product will be reviewed for quality, consistency, appropriateness and marketability.  You will be contacted by letter or e-mail if your work does not meet any of these requirements.


Step Two -- if your product meets requirements, you will be contacted to schedule a pre-screening/ counseling appointment conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

Step Three -- if approved to move forward in the process, you will be invited to participate in a formal jury session held in the Tamarack Conference Center twice a year.  Our trained staff will work with you to prepare for the jury session.


The jury session is scheduled for August 28, 2014. Work must be submitted before August 1st, 2014.

You can submit your work by hardcopy (photos), disk (CD) or by e-mail.
Mailing address for hardcopies is:

Robin Watson, Tamarack
One Tamarack Park, Beckley, WV  25801

or for e-mail Submissions - - send to -

Please note: If all requested information is not included with the submission, images will not be reviewed until received. Please include Name, Physical Mailing Address, Artisan History with your images.

As a juried artist or artisan, you will be eligible to wholesale to Tamarack and participate in various business, marketing, educational, and retail opportunities sponsored by Tamarack and the Tamarack Artisan Foundation (please see link for Foundation on this site).

For further information, please call Robin at 1-88-TAMARACK (1-888-262-7225)/ 304-256-6843, ext. 107.

Pre-screening and Jury Fees
Pre-screening/Counseling Session - $20.00
Jury Session - $30.00


Books, Calendars, Magazines, Recordings (CDs), and DVD Jurying

Fees:  $15.00 Books, Calendars, Magazines and Recordings 
           $25.00 DVDs 

Each work goes through a review process before it is sold at Tamarack and is conducted on a quarterly basis.  To submit your work, please find the links below for Criteria and Application for each media.

Please note that a submission must meet one of three criteria to have the book initially accepted for review.  Then during the review process, “West Virginia content” may be used as a primary criterion.  Further, unless the subject is famous, memoirs usually do not sell well to our clientele, which is primarily the traveling public.  If you already know your book has typos or grammatical errors, please do not submit it for review. 

Tamarack receives a large number of self-published fiction, memoirs/autobiographies, and inspirational/spiritual/self-help books to be reviewed for sale at Tamarack.  We cannot possibly accept them all; we buy inventory with a budget that is based on projected sales. Expect the jurying for the aforementioned categories to be especially rigorous.

Please read the criteria very carefully and decide if you really want to submit an application and pay the $15 fee.

DVD Jury Application
Book Jury Application
Music Jury Application
Calendar Jury Application

Please review the criteria thoroughly and completely.  If you meet the criteria, please complete the application and mail with the appropriate fee for each submission to:


Robin Watson, Artisan Services Coordinator


One Tamarack Park

Beckley, WV  25801

You will be notified by letter of the panels’ decision.

Please note, your submission will not be returned and will not be juried if fee is not included.