Artisan Services


The Artisan Services Department provides a vital function in bringing high quality art and craft to Tamarack through the jury process and reinforces the relationship between the artisan, Tamarack and the Tamarack Foundation.

In addition, Artisan Services:
  • Acts as the liaison between artisans and Tamarack administration to nurture the partnership for both.
  • Works closely with the Tamarack Foundation to develop workshops, training, and other programs that aid artisans in improving their business management skills, and as well as further develop their artistic talent.
  • Conducts the jury process for craft, fine craft, fine art, books, music, DVDs and calendars that are submitted to Tamarack for sale.
  • Provides craft career counseling, and product development
  • Helps to identify potential marketsand assists in the development of marketing materials.
  • Oversees quality control of product to ensure Tamarack’s high standards are meet.
  • Seeks additional opportunities for artisans in today’s market.